Monday, April 21, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Well, the decision has been made. We are getting the chicks this week. That is the first part of the decision - now, what kinds will we get? There are so many choices!
The Suburban Farmer here in my hometown got me thinking that I could raise my own chickens for eggs too. Then I started reading on line (google is my friend), then the McMurray catalogue whetted the appetite.
Wednesday, the feed store will have a great variety of chicks in, I am so ready! We have the brooder ready - hugh cardboard box that an armchair came in. The heat lamp has been tested and is ready. We have dishes for feed and water, along with marbles if needed for drowning prevention. We will pick up straw/hay and feed at the feed store (so cleverly named).
I told DH that we have a few weeks to get the coop built - but that is for a different post - coop, tractor, free range or some combination????
But still the prefered breeds elude me, the list is soooo long! Stay tuned for pictures! I have to bring the camera home from school!

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theycallmecoolio said...

how kute Mrs. Schults


their so kute

even tho i would be really scared of them bitting me but yeah all well so have fun with them keeping u on ur toes =], alexa