Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Already

The first day of May is here and it is lovely. The chicks are pretty low key today, lots of sleeping, eating, sleeping again. I think they are growing. It is amazing how self sufficient they are, at this age a baby parrot doesn't even have its eyes open, much less feeding itself.
We will have baby senegals pretty soon and DH will be feeding them every 3 hours from 7am until 11 pm. Each time we have baby parrots we have to think about scheduling trips around their feedings. Not a problem with the chicks, just keep the food and water fresh and clean and they are good to go. But this weekend I will be cleaning out the brooder and putting in totally fresh bedding. That will be interesting.
More pictures this weekend, as time allows!
DH is outside planning and cutting the lumber for the hen palace. You will see pictures of that too. As chief (or is that cheep) painter, I already have paint on my fingers!

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